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Five Element Acupuncture based in Worcester.




Beverley Boother Acupuncture

Hello, I’m Bev and it’s lovely to meet you. 

I am looking forward to being able to support you on your healing journey.  I studied a Professional Licentiate in Acupuncture, focused on Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture at The Acupuncture Academy in Leamington Spa.  This was a three-year course and extensively covered all aspects of Chinese medicine. 

I graduated from The Acupuncture Academy in Leamington Spa and was awarded a Distinction, as well as commended for my clinical work.

I have a quiet and relaxing room on London Road, one of the main roads into Worcester so easily accessible.

I have a background in Law and Personal Training however have now found my true calling in Acupuncture because it allows me to connect with people and support them in living a healthy and fulfilling life. I have been married to my lovely husband for over 20 years and we have two grown up sons. I enjoy going to the gym, outdoor sports like climbing or hiking and exploring in our campervan.
I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) which is the leading self-regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture in the UK. It is a member-led organisation, governed by an elected Governing Board and driven by a specialist staff team.
They provide members with a wide range of services to facilitate practice and ensure the highest standards. Their responsibilities include:

  • maintaining the highest professional standards of practice for acupuncture in the UK
  • overseeing and accrediting acupuncture education to ensure excellence in trainin
  • funding evidence-based clinical research on the benefits of traditional acupuncture

As a member I am bound by the Council’s stringent Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics.






Five elements Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture.  Fine needles are inserted into the skin to address imbalances within the body which manifest as symptoms.  Acupuncture can help many issues including:

  • Pain
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Migraines
  • Sleep issues
  • Arthritis
  • Infertility
  • And many more…

Acupuncture can also support mental health and wellbeing.  By using a Five Elements Acupuncture and TCM, I have the tools to alleviate your symptoms and address the underlying root cause.  Please see below for a more detailed explanation of 5AE and TCM.



Cupping is a traditional Chinese and Middle Eastern practice.  This involves placing cups onto the persons skin and creating suction in the cup which lifts the skin and fascia.  The benefits to this are:

  • pain reduction
  • muscle relaxation
  • improved blood circulation
  • activation of the immune system
  • release of toxins

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and effects on the regulation of neurotransmitters

Cupping can be a useful tool in managing muscular skeletal disorders.  This method of cupping may result in circular marks on your body as seen in this photo.  These will fade over the next week.  I will always check with you before hand that you are comfortable with this result.



Gua Sha translates to ‘skin scraping’ and is a technique used in East Asian medicine.  It is beneficial for muscle pain and tension.  The action of moving the tool along the skin allows energy (Qi) to move in an area where it may be stagnated causing pain and tension.  Gua Sha also helps break down scar tissue and connective tissue ‘knots’ improving the movement in this area.  It can also help move the lymph drainage in the body.

Gua Sha can produce petechiae or sha on the skin resulting in a purple rash however when there is no stagnation, there is often no mark resulting.  Where there is a sha, this will fade over the following week. 




What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a branch of traditional medicine that has been practised in China and the far east for thousands of years. It has been developed, tested, researched, and refined over this time into a treatment option accessed by increasing numbers of patients in the West. Without the benefit of modern scientific equipment, the first acupuncturists discovered many now familiar aspects of biomedical science.

Traditional Chinese medicine states that there is a life force within the human body referred to as Qi (Chee) which circulates between the organs along channels or pathways known as meridians.  When the body becomes dis-eased, the flow of Qi has been unbalanced. Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles into points on the body, along these meridians to allow the Qi to flow freely, returning the body to its natural balance.  The strength and quality of the Qi are felt at 12 different pulse positions on the wrists, which relate to different organs and elements within the body. 

A growing body of evidence-based clinical research is discovering how the body responds to acupuncture and its benefits for a wide range of common health conditions.  Many people have acupuncture to relieve specific aches and pains, such as osteoarthritis, headaches and lower-back pain, or for health problems include anxiety, depression, insomnia and the menopause. In addition, acupuncture can support those preparing for and going through IVF. 

To see a full list of what Acupuncture is helpful for and the presenting evidence, please visit this site.

Other people choose acupuncture when they can feel their bodily functions are out of balance but have no obvious western medical diagnosis leading to western medical treatment.  Many also have regular treatments simply because they find it beneficial and relaxing.

The focus of a traditional acupuncturist is on the patient as an individual and not just their specific illness, and all their symptoms are seen as part of an interconnected pattern. Treatment involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points which are said to affect the flow of your body’s qi, or vital energy, although there is ongoing research and study that suggests what many practitioners already know: that inserting needles into the channels (or meridians) affects change within the human body, and the term energy is rather simplistic.

Your initial visit will take up to an hour and a half and consists of a personal and medical consultation covering your family history, lifestyle, systems functions (eg. sleep, appetite) and full details of your current complaint/s and any test or investigations that you have had. You will also have the opportunity to discuss in complete confidence any concerns or troubles you may currently be dealing with. After your consultation I will carry out a number of short non-invasive physical diagnostic tests including blood pressure, temperature distribution and pulse taking. In most cases, aside from the most complex, this is then followed by your first treatment. Subsequent appointments take up to one hour and include discussion of your progress and your treatment to date.

Many patients are concerned that acupuncture maybe painful but as the needles are flexible and about as thick as two human hairs there is usually only a very slight sensation as it enters the skin. Sometimes patients also feel a dull ache on the acupuncture point but this also only lasts for a few seconds and is generally not considered to be uncomfortable. Many find acupuncture relaxing and feel very calm during and after a treatment; you may also feel a little tired or sleepy so if possible, try to arrange a relatively restful and quiet day, especially for your first treatment.

Acupuncture is one of the safest medical treatments currently on offer in the UK, in fact in 2001 a number of studies concluded that the risk of serious adverse reaction to acupuncture is less than 1 in 10,000.  Any minor side effects that do occur, such as dizziness or bruising around needle points, are infrequent, mild and self-correcting. To see more information regarding the safety of acupuncture please visit the The British Acupuncture Council :

Five Elements Acupuncture

The practice of acupuncture began more than 2,000 years ago.  Early observations of the predictable patterns in nature pointed to the realisation of an underlying cyclical flow of energy.  We see this energy manifest most clearly in the change of the seasons.  The tradition of Five Elements Acupuncture is based on the understanding of this cyclical flow of vital energy.

Each of the Five Elements- Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, represent a distinct quality of the Qi energy that is vital to the continual health and flow of nature. The Ancient Chinese observed that just as these essential energetic qualities can be found in nature, so can they be found in every living being.  By understanding the relationships of the Elements within and using them as a guide, we can discover the root of a person’s illness, restoring health to the body, mind and spirit as treatment unfolds.




  • Time

    The consultation, examination and treatment is likely to take up to 1.5 hours, but this can vary. So please let me know if you have any commitments that will mean you need to leave by a certain time. Acupuncture benefits are cumulative and therefore initially 3-5 treatments at weekly intervals are recommended.

    Follow up appointments are 50 minutes long.

  • Consult

    In order to diagnose and treat you appropriately, I will need to ask you about your current and past health, as well as your general wellbeing. As a holistic medicine, Five Element acupuncture addresses your wellbeing as a whole person, not only your symptoms or illnesses. Therefore, some of my questions may seem less relevant but will be important to me. However, you do not need to tell me any information that you are uncomfortable with sharing.

  • Physical

    Following the consultation, I will carry out some diagnostic checks including taking a pulse reading, checking any tender or problem areas, and checking temperature distribution and left/right balance. These examinations are relevant whatever your health issues may be, to tell me more about the way your individual system works. I may need to ask you to take some items of clothing off to examine you properly (never your underwear).

  • Prepare

    It will be very useful if you keep make up and scented products to a minimum (please do not use perfume), and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Please bring a list of the names/doses of any medications you are taking. Eating a light meal up to an hour before treatment is advised.

  • Treatment

    I will be using very fine, sterilised, single-use needles for your treatment. The number of needles is kept to a minimum, and they may be inserted and removed immediately, or left in for a few minutes. Most people notice a tingling or slight dull ache only and find the whole experience very relaxing.

  • Results

    Some people find that they feel more relaxed, even to the point of being quite sleepy, after their first acupuncture treatment. You should be fine to drive, but please consider alternative transportation if your journey is long.







  • Initial Conversation
  • First Treatment
  • 90 minute session
  • Payment by Cash or Card
  • 50 minute treatment
  • Payment by Cash or Card
  • 24hr Cancellation Policy
  • Payment by Cheque




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